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ABC Company Case Study

ABC Company received an unusually large batch of accounts (55,000) from one of their clients, 90% of which are Spanish-speaking debtors. In lieu of hiring agents adding to the staff, ABC Company engaged CS to provide four trained human resources to work these new files.

The following are the actual results of the first three months for this campaign:

case study A

On month four, ABC Company added more business and increased the number of agents to six.


We have been with Collective Solution for 2 years and they have handled our Customer Care with the most professional manner expected from us. They have surpassed our expectations as an outsourced vendor. They do mix well with us and we see them as an extension of our company. They have set the bar as to what our other outsource vendors achieve as well as our own in-house customer care department.

Gail M. (Head of Operation)

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