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 As the most prevalent channel in Customer Care, its crucial to build your customer experience around this unique channel.  With so many calls coming in and out of your business, it can sometimes feel like you’re running a call center instead of a company. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the outsourcing options end up reducing your business’s overall customer experience which can lead to a steady decrease in conversions, more expensive customer acquisition, and other costly downsides. Collective Solution is the exception to the rule with a highly specialized team of call center specialists who can act as your business’s primary inbound contact.
We’ll make sure that everyone who reaches out to your business is put in touch with the right person. Instead of giving your team yet another task to worry about, we’ll take outbound and inbound calls off their list of daily tasks so they can focus their efforts on more pressing aspects of the business. Collective Solution takes an individualized approach to its call center services which ensures a seamless and effective integration that won’t interfere with your current operations. After all, our goal is to streamline your business’s growth, not impede it.
Effective communication is one of the vital cornerstones of any successful businesses. Not only do clients want to feel heard, but business owners also want to know what their customers are thinking.  With the immediacy of 21st-century technology, it’s no longer sufficient to get back with a client or potential customer within 24 hours. Today’s consumers demand speed and accessibility. In an effort to meet this requirement, many businesses end up spreading themselves too thin. Ultimately, this leads to a decrease in customer service and even a loss of revenue if carried on for too long. Collective Solution solves this problem by allowing businesses to completely outsource their chat needs.
With so many methods of communication and an equal variety of preferences among your clients, our team will implement an omnichannel approach to make sure we’re reaching your customers at multiple contact points, including emails, live chat and tickets. This quality customer assistance will make your clients and potential customers more likely to interact with your business again due to the high level of attention and commitment. We understand just how important reliable and available chat is to all customers. Our team can help your business take advantage of this effective form of communication without having to invest money in hiring professionals or training current staff members.
While the email channel has been around for decades, its still a primary core part of many companies customer care strategy.  As an asynchronous channel it is attractive from a staffing perspective as it reduces the headcount required to staff when compared to live channels like chat and voice. As a non voice channel, its critical to ensure your agents are comfortable responding to customers in a written format.  With over 19 years supporting the email channel, we have the expertise to properly recruit and train staff to act as an extension of your email customer support team. 


Struggling with managing your business’s voice, chat or email channels?  Collective Solution’s dedicated communication specialists can help! Feel free to contact us to learn more.