CS Solutions

Retail and E-Commerce

It doesn’t matter if your business is entirely online or you have a brick-and-mortar retail store. Customer engagement and customer services are vital to your success. Creating a positive customer experience directly correlates to the success and growth of your business. At Collective Solution, we provide you with the Retail and E-commerce solutions your business needs to optimize your customer service and create a lasting impression.


We work for you every step of the way to ensure that your entire operation, call center, and team have the most advanced and state-of-the-art tools and equipment to grow your business. Our talented team of customer satisfaction experts will reflect your business’s core values while seamlessly integrating them into your current CRM.


All of our retail and e-commerce services are designed to work side-by-side with all of our clients to implement an effective and personalized customer experience plan that meets your company’s unique needs. You’ll maintain oversight and control without having to worry about managing the customer care end of your business.


To meet the modern-day demand for quick and flexible customer engagement, we offer omnichannel communications, including email, online chat, phone, text, social media, and much more. Our goal is to make the customer experience as optimized, consistent, and effective as possible no matter how your call center operates.


We have the solutions you need to take your customer care to new heights while ensuring your business continues on a solid growth trajectory. Collective Solutions has the expertly trained staff to create a customized assistance service to fit the needs of your business. From online support and debt collection to the back office and sales agents, we support your business through innovation and personalization with a human touch.