CS Services

Revenue Generation


No matter the industry or stage of development, a business will only succeed if it can maintain sales. It’s the driving force behind growth and development. At the same time, it’s also an elusive goal that seems to escape many businesses. Even the most sought-after product or most in-demand service can fall flat on its face when sales channels aren’t optimized. At Collective Solution, we can provide the Sales Development Representative (SDR) experts to help increase your business’s numbers. Our experienced sales agents can provide outreaching, prospecting, and qualifying services to help generate effective leads.

Our SDR professionals focus on direct-to-consumer sales to decrease your bottom line while increasing customer acquisition. We’ll conduct strategic planning in line with your business’s overall goals, practices, and branding while integrating seamlessly into your current operations. With dynamic agent scripting, every agent will operate like a well-oiled component of a larger sales-generating machine. Our robust call routing service will ensure all potential customers get put in contact with the right person, increasing the chances of making a sale. Collective Solution connects businesses with clients via multiple touchpoints including social media, phone, and email. We’ll provide best-in-class tools to support contextualized sales. With management supervision and methodology, we can completely customize the sales process to meet your business’s unique style and needs.


1st Party Collections

Your business thrives on client retention, and that’s what sets Collective Solution apart from our competitors. We provide exceptional and innovative customer service solutions designed to deliver your business into the future. Our experienced associates and supervisors are constantly trained to be assertive and diplomatic during all 1st Party Collections services to ensure we create a lasting relationship between your consumers and your company.

Debt collection isn’t an easy thing to accomplish for your company. Often, you find your staff dealing with customers who don’t want to pay or don’t have the means to pay. At Collective Solution, we pride ourselves on creating opportunities for your customers to resolve their debts at a cost they can afford. It’s critical to your growth to have a customer service support partner who knows how to ensure you get the money you’re owed while keeping your customer engagement and customer care high.

We work for you every step of the way to simplify asset recovery for your company’s accounts receivable while ensuring customer care holds up to your high standards are excellence. Our aim is to increase the return of your investment in receivables with a passion that only an experienced partner can offer. No matter what market your business is in, we have customized 1st Party Collections services built to fit your needs.

3rd Party Collections

For over a decade, Collective Solutions has provided exceptional and cutting-edge 3rd Party Collections to businesses just like yours. We understand that you deserve a collections partner that knows how to ensure your third-party accounts receivables deliver the asset recovery you deserve.

Our Quality & Compliance Department guarantees constant training and requirements for the ARMs industry while simplifying your debt collection. When it comes to providing professional customer service, no one understands your customer care better than Collective Solution. Our debt collection and third-party accounts receivable solutions are built to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction while maximizing your business’s return on investment. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice excellent customer service over debt collection.

Our third-party collections services are built for collection agencies. We collect on behalf of a collection agency that you’ve hired to handle the outstanding debt. As with all of our services, this is a fully comprehensive and customizable service to fit your business’ needs. 

Many business owners struggle to handle asset recovery on their own due to a lack of training. It costs too much to put one of your current employees through the qualifications process and bringing a professional on board wouldn’t be cost-effective. 


Creating a positive customer experience is critical to the success and future growth of your business. It doesn’t matter how appealing and unique your products and services are. If you cannot deliver high-quality customer care and customer engagement, you won’t have good customer retention. This is even more true in the way that your business handles debt collection and call center operations.

Collective Solutions provides quality interactions to keep your customers engaged and up to date on the status of their bills. With over ten years in the industry revolutionizing Customer Experience and Asset Recovery, we provide your business with cutting-edge reminder services designed to maximize customer satisfaction. When your customers are up to date on their payments, your business thrives. And our superior reminder services are built to ensure every customer is fully aware of upcoming debt collection deadlines. We also provide them with state-of-the-art payment options built to simplify the way your accounts receivables collect payment.

When your customers are aware of upcoming payment dates through our innovative reminder services, you’ll be able to scale your business at the speed of current market demands. Customers aren’t always focused on keeping track of their payment due dates. This is why we build our reminders to be easy to use and ensure every customer of yours knows their dates and options for payment.

It’s time you had a debt collection partner that understands how to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions built to maximize your customer engagement and satisfaction.

Compliances FDCPA, PSI

Every business must adhere to a wide variety of federal, state, and even county laws. Beyond that, there are industry-specific guidelines that you must be on top of at all times as well, such as HIPPA rules and regulations in the healthcare sector. It’s paramount that you have a compliance specialist who understands your business’s unique compliance requirements and needs.

At Collective Solutions, our compliance specialists are always staying educated and up to date on all new and upcoming compliance regulations at every level. We ensure that your business stays running smoothly while in compliance at all times.

When it comes to debt collection and asset recovery for your business, our call center specialists have the knowledge and expertise to understand the rules for asset recovery according to every state. We are trained and credentialed to collect in every state in the USA. 

Our high-quality FCPDA compliant collection services ensure your business can maximize your return on investment while providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. Whether you need us to handle debt collection in-house or remotely, our services seamlessly integrate into your existing CRM.    

Due to the sensitive nature of the information involved in debt collection, we provide ultra-secure methods of handling communication and monetary transfers for your business. Our innovative and state-of-the-art process complies with the PCI Security Council standards.

We bring a human touch to every service we provide for our clients to ensure that all of your customer care needs are met with empathy, understanding, and compassion. Discover the difference our personalized compliance solutions can make in the growth of your business today.